Business leaders call for action on energy prices

03 August, 2017

High energy costs are a crisis for Australian businesses. The General Council of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representing over 300,000 Australian businesses, called for immediate and concerted action to bring down power prices.

Chief Executive, James Pearson said:

"Members were very clear that high energy prices represent a real threat to Australian business, are damaging Australian competitiveness and the Australian economy as a whole. That means businesses, and the jobs they provide, are under serious pressure.

"The Australian Chamber has a longstanding policy of supporting lowest cost emissions abatement. We have long argued that we can’t afford to risk Australia’s international competitiveness in our climate change policies. High energy prices risk driving Australian businesses offshore because of the increased cost of doing business. This issue goes beyond emissions and goes to the sustainability of Australian business.

"The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will scrutinise any detailed Clean Energy Target proposals. Any emissions scheme must lower energy prices for Australian businesses and households."