3M 4910 Red VHB Tape

3M 4910 VHB Double Sided Tape (Red Liner, Clear Tape when liner is removed)

3M VHB Tape 4910 Clear, 1.1mm thick, is ideal for transparent materials or where ever a clear bond is needed, effectively replacing screws, rivets, and studs when bonding materials; resulting in a permanent hold and clean appearance. Our Red VHB double sided tape provides short-term temperature resistance up to 149°C and long-term resistance of up to 93°C. Unlike screws or rivets, 3M VHB Tape spreads the stress load across the entire length of the joint and will accommodate variable expansion and contraction rates. Once materials are joined, a virtually indestructible weld is created.This tape's clear construction is ideal for applications such as sealing skylight inner/outer dome assemblies and/or edge-bonding resin filled glass.Clear 4910 - 3M Red VHB tape adheres to a broad range of substrates, including glass, metal, MSE plastics such as rigid PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and polystyrene, most powder-coated paints, painted or sealed wood and sealed concrete. 3M 4910 VHB Tape can be used both indoors and out in a variety of applications, including permanent sign and panel mounting, component attachment and repair. 3M Red VHB tape is a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other forms of mechanical fasteners.

  • Each roll of 3M 4910 Red Liner (Clear when liner is removed) VHB Tape has 33 metres length per roll, & is 1.1mm thick.
  • We also custom cut to any width you require & die cut to any shape you need 4910 VHB tape.

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3M 4941 Red VHB Tape

3M 4941 Red VHB Tape (Grey Tape When Red Liner is removed)

3M VHB Tape 4941 is a conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitive, closed-cell acrylic foam tape with a film liner. 1.1mm thick. Bonds high and medium surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance.

Features of Red Liner (Grey Tape) 3M 4941;

  • 1.1mm thick, 33 metres length per roll
  • We can also Die Cut, + Custom slit 3M 4941 VHB Tape to any shape or width YOU Require.
  • Durable / High Strength 
  • Clean appearance 
  • General Industrial Bonding, attaching, mounting


Aluminum Floor Bonding, Bonding Door Kick & Seal Plate, Bonding Glass to a Metal Oven Door, Bus Body Side Panel Bonding, Channel Stiffener Bonding on Truck Bodies, Commercial Vehicle Roof Vent Attachment, Commercial Vehicle Trim Attachment, Extruded Plastic Channel Bonding, Interior Rail Car Construction, Nameplate Attachment on Commercial Vehicles, Rail Car Bonding Metal Stiffeners, Rail Car Light Cover Attachment, Roof bow Bonding on Truck Bodies, Side Panel Bonding on Commercial Trailers, Stack Unit Support Bracket Bonding, Sign Instalations, Truck Body Nameplate Bonding


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3M 4991 Red VHB Tape

3M Grey VHB double sided tape - 4991 (with a red liner)

3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 4991 is a double coated 2.3 mm pressure sensitive adhesive tape for bonding many painted metals, as well as unpainted metals, and higher surface energy plastics. 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 4991 is appropriate for applications which demand a thicker conformable product. The conformable foam provides excellent adhesion to mismatched  surfaces. Excellent adhesion to painted metal for architectural panel bonding. 4991 Red 2mm thick VHB Tape has a short term temperature resistance of 93c, & a  long term temperature resistance of 121c.

Each roll of 4991 Red Liner VHB Tape is;

  • 2mm thick
  • 33mtr length per roll
  • Grey in colour after Red liner has been removed.
  • Can be Die Cut or Slit to any width you require


  • Outdoor street furniture 
  • Signs - Sign Manufacturing aswell as Sign installation 
  • Noise Walls for Housing & Roads 
  • Graphic Panels 
  • External Cladding - Facades / bonding composite panels such as - Alucobond,Alucopanel,Probond,Alupanel, Vitraclad / Vitrapanel,Alturi & many other brands of Aluminium Composite Panels. The 3M 2mm thick grey High bond double sided tape is the "Go To" tape for External Wall Cladding / Composite Panel Instalation
  • Glass / Glazing 
  • Plastic Fabrication 
  • LED Lighting, LED Strip Lighting 
  • Tunnel Linings, Hospitals, Airports & Schools 
  • Multi Residential Housing, Apartment Construction ( including instalation of Mgo Board - Magboard - Magnesium Oxide Board


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Below is a Tesa Tape very similar to the 3M range of Red Double Sided High Bond Tapes

Tesa 4965 - Thin Red Double Sided Tape

Tesa 4965 Double Sided Tape (Red Tape, Clear when Tape Liner is removed)

Tesa also has a "Red Double Sided Tape", which it's product number is 4965. When the red liner is removed, Tesa 4965 reveals a very high clarity clear high strength double sided tape.Tesa 4965 Double Sided Tape is the "GO TO TAPE" for Internal Applications, & anywhere a Crystal Clear apperance is required after tape has been applied.

- Tesa 4965 is .21mm thick, & has 50 metres length per roll.

Main Applications for our Tesa Clear Double Sided Tape (Red Liner)

  • Signs - Nameplates
  • Glass 
  • Exhibition & Display,
  • Applications where a "Water Clear" Double Sided Tape (Double Sided Tape with a high clear see through) clarity is required 


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