Welding automation is an exponentially growing market as businesses begin to grasp the productivity gains they are missing out on. Automated Welding Robots are the future, and the future is here.

Lincoln Electric is an International leader in the design, development and manufacturing of all things welding, including the industries movement toward welding automation. As a pioneer in state of the art industrial robotics, Lincoln Electric look to improve and automate not just the welding process, but automating the joining, assembly & cutting systems too. Our world class welding robot & welding cobot collections have become fundamental elements to the success of countless manufacturing and engineering firms. As collaborative welding robots, automated industrial robots & machines begin to take over the world, Lincoln Electric are proud to say we are at the forefront of this and continue to enhance productivity for companies around the globe.

Undoubtedly, manufacturing & labour costs have taken a huge hit in the past few years with some major events affecting the way businesses are run & operated. This has added problems for labour intensive industries whereby there are now structures and standards in place about how & when people can work. The affect this has had can't be ignored, because as we all know, welding is an industry the world cant evolve without. Business' in 2023 NEED to transition and automate their systems to become more productive, efficient and streamlined, in all their welding processes, not only to stay head, but to not be left behind.

Why should I automate my business with The Cooper Cobot Cart?

For many manufacturers, the thought of automating can be a daunting concept due to the high investment and learning curve often involved. Many shops also require mobility, without the static footprint and guarding that traditional automation requires. Finding qualified and reliable welders continues to be a challenge in the manufacturing industry as well as the altered working conditions due to global havoc. The Cooper Cobot Cart welding robot system features simplified programming with the new tablet based teach pendant and the ability to teach at the torch. Simply move the welding cobot’s arm with your hand to the weld start and finish. Our Welding Cobot system is built for the industrial space and has access to all of Lincoln Electric’s highest productivity weld programs allowing you to maximize productivity. The new Cooper Cobot Cart system from Lincoln Electric automates the highest mix of different products while providing even non-welders with the ability to easily program it for increased productivity in even the smallest of workspaces. The mobile, flexible system, collaborative welding robot is the latest addition to Lincoln Electric’s Cobot family, and requires only a small footprint on the shop floor. 

Lead Through Teach
Fluidly guide the arm into the correct location by hand using the torch-mounted enabling device.

Dual-Action Pushbutton Interface
Pushbuttons designed directly into the torch allow any skill-level
operator to teach points easily and create programs fast.

Touch Panel Tablet Teach Pendant
The new tablet teach pendant, featuring icon-based, timeline
programming reduces the learning curve. Simply swipe icons
in or out of the timeline, or tap them to modify

Lincoln Arc Welding Plug-In
Receives input directly from pushbuttons at the integrated torch,
automatically recording points on the timeline.


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