Finlease – A New Financing Partner

At Packserv Manufacturing we recently set out in search of a suitable finance partner to look after the financing needs of our customers.

It didn’t take us very long and we didn’t need to go too far to find a fitting partner that we could move forward with. We are delighted to welcome Finlease on board to look after those customers who are interested in heading down the financing route for their packaging machine purchases.

Who are they?

Finlease is an established specialist business finance broking firm that is currently providing over $500 million in equipment finance per year to a large base of long standing and new clients throughout Australia. Founded by principal and founder Mark O’Donoghue over 30 years ago, Finlease has grown into a team of 70 servicing businesses across Australia.

“I am personally delighted to see Finlease working with Packserv to assist their clients by providing easy to use, competitive finance facilities for the vast array of equipment offered by Packserv. Having founded Finlease over 30 years ago as a specialist in manufacturing and packaging equipment finance and today with a national team financing over $500 million per annum, we have the skills and technical knowledge to provide good advice on the most appropriate debt structures from both a cost and deductibility perspective as well as make the whole process easy for Packserv clients.” Mark O’Donoghue Finlease Founder & CEO

What do they do?

Finlease arranges Equipment Finance for business owners all around the country working in most major industries and from various walks of life. Many clients have been with Finlease for over 20 years. Finlease look after their clients by making the finance easy and getting the funding they need on time. The Finlease team are available on mobile, work the same hours as their clients (not bank hours) and can meet their clients on site where and when it suits them.

Sourcing finance from a range of 20 capable and competitive institutions enables Finlease to spread loans across a number of lenders ensuring business owners are not tied to just one bank that would have them totally locked up with all securities.

Making financing easier.

Finlease will work with two or three of the various capable lenders who will in effect be competing for your business. Then they will analyse what these lenders are offering and recommend the best outcome. The trick is to know when the terms are fair relative to what the market is offering, or whether they need to be adjusted slightly. It may be as simple as wanting a longer term or a higher residual, or perhaps a lender is insisting on a deposit when others would approve 100% finance. This is just one of the ways Finlease negotiate better outcomes for our clients.

Packaging Equipment Finance – Signed, Sealed and Delivered

When you’re looking at upgrading to new packaging equipment from Packserv Manufacturing, Finlease can source equipment finance that will make it so much easier.

They will provide the complete package from application to approval and all the paperwork in-between. We hope you will find dealing with Finlease is a breath of fresh air compared with the banks. You won’t be left waiting for the bank to make their decision, they will manage the whole process to deliver the packaging equipment finance tailor-made for your business.

Disclaimer: Monthly payments provided in the indicative finance calculator are subject to prevailing interest-rates of the day and to approved purchasers. Any debt structuring advice, is provided on an informal basis and it is suggested that clients confirm such structures with their external accountants. Finlease is an external finance provider and its services are offered as an assistance to Packserv clients and do not constitute an offer of finance from Packserv directly.

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