CASE STUDY: Electrical Wholesaler VIC

Steve, an electrical wholesaler owner based in Northern VIC, got in touch with Storeplan because his business was expanding. He was planning to open a new branch and needed a complete store fitout.

From initial discussions it was clear that timing was a high priority of our client. He required his new store set up as soon as possible after he had received the keys. Our team successfully rose to the challenge. From the day that our client got access to the building to the date of completion was only 17 days!  Within these 17 days, a full site measure-up was conducted, detailed layout drawings were discussed & signed off and 6 different storage solutions were installed by Storeplan.

The result achieved was a professional showroom space to showcase their products and an efficient warehouse storage solution that maximised the limited space available and was customised to suit the electrical wholesaler’s specific product storage requirements.

Here is what Steve had to say:

“Thanks beau very happy with the finished install, all went well, Shawn was great just kept working away and checked with me if he thought Something needed to be looked at, done very well. Thanks to you and your staff job well done. Regards Stephen”

Product Details:

Cable Racking

  • 4250H system with 3 levels of cable reel storage per bay and an additional storage level above the cable reels for pallets.

Selective Pallet Racking:

  • 4250H standard pallet racking set up with 3 beam levels per bay to allow the storage of 8 pallets per bay
  • Mesh backing was used along the entire run of this racking to prevent stock falling off pallets onto employees picking products off the longspan shelving that is situated the pallet racking.
  • Accessories such as rack end protectors were also included to provide protection from forklift damage and affecting the integrity of the racking.

Conduit Racking

  • This system was built using pallet racking components & accessories to vertically store conduit and in separate compartments for easy picking and neat, efficient storage

Longpan Shelving

  • A total of 18 bays 2400H was set up with 4 shelf levels throughout.
  • Mesh backing system was also included between the double-sided run to prevent items falling down between the bays.

Longspan Workbench

  • 1 x Mobile LS600 Workbench 900/1500H x 2000L x 900D.
  • 32mm MDF top + adjustable lower shelf. Louvre panel backing system with assortment of tubs.

Gondola Shelving

  • White Gondola Units were used for a showroom display shelving system
  • Set up with 2100H units on the walls and 1500H d/sided units in the centre of the room
  • Powdercoated white throughout & Heavy duty pegboard backing system on all bays
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