Case study: Unusual label application for Diageo

Supplier: Impresstik Systems
04 February, 2010

Diageo, one of the largest alcoholic beverage producers in the world, launched the new Slate Bourbon brand in Australian test-markets in 2005. The company's objective was to deliver a new blended bourbon to a specific market segment - 'urban', affluent males (predominantly aged between 18 to 35 years).

Planning discussions centered on Impresstik's ability to provide a 'total package' solution for the new launch - a key component being to contract-apply labels on Diageo's behalf.

The unusual label application, involving 3-angle adhesion of the one-piece body label, and an angled emblem 'coin' label, necessitated the assembly of special-purpose applicator heads and handling equipment.

The Label
Diageo's Supply Commercialisation Projects Manager, Hayley Lia, explains that "the label design, including the 'coin' label in particular, was pivotal to packaging functionality and a crucial part of achieving a premium and aesthetically pleasing product concept, with stand-out appeal, in a competitive segment market."

Through close consultation between Diageo's Packaging Development team, external agency designers and Impresstik, the key objectives were met. The resulting labels maximise shelf presence and consumer appeal, including a tactile feel via the mixed use of high-build screen gloss and embossing on a matt background.

The stark contrast between the grey background and the arctic white 'Slate' brandname, is further accentuated with the use of a bright-white uncoated paper stock. Textural elements of the label add to the premium feel of the label.

The Launch
Hayley Lia adds the following comments about this exciting project. "Following the success of 'Slate' test-marketing for 18-months, on a selected seeding distribution plan, national launch plans were in place for March 2007. We were confident that the design of this pack and quality of the product packaging would ensure success with consumers.

"Following Impresstik's engagement, their proactive planning to deliver our needs on such a unique product was fantastic. Adaptability to changing dates and volumes was also met with a high level of professionalism. All deliveries were made to the agreed schedule, and labels were also of high quality.

"These were all key elements to success of our new and exciting bourbon brand."

The end-result, according to Hayley Lia, was that "the design, artwork specifications and label functionality brief were all fully met. We have subsequently looked at opportunities to incorporate Impresstik into Diageo's other commercialisation projects, and would highly recommend their services."

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