Cheap Offshore Pre-printed & Smart cards? Don't get caught out.

It's tempting. Like me, you probably receive emails every day from offshore suppliers offering cheap products that you currently buy locally.

Every so often, you think to yourself, "Why am I paying so much from my current supplier for (what appears to be) the same thing?" "Surely buying direct will save me money?" "At that price, I can afford to replace failures!".

It's at this point a few famous clichés come to mind; "Famous Last Words", "Too Good to be True", "The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten".

At PPC usually, a month doesn't go by when a customer calls with problems, having purchased cheap smart or pre-printed cards that won't do the job. The supplier might offer to help, but the goods need to be returned overseas (at the customer's expense). Unfortunately, this is expensive and often takes several weeks or months, if at all, to resolve. 

  • Issues that we have seen include;
  • Counterfeit card chips, with duplicate serial numbers
  • Intermittent, and frustratingly unreliable smart cards
  • Pre-printed artwork that cannot be personalised with a card printer
  • Loco Magnetic stripes substituted for Hico Magnetic stripes
  • Ribbons breaking and sticking to expensive print heads

There are many reputable offshore manufacturers. However, reliable sourcing of products comes down to the time and effort that goes into finding a quality supplier. It's the relationships built and the understanding that we have created in establishing clearly, what is, and what is not acceptable.

PPC sells more than one million smart cards and four million pre-printed cards every year. For over thirty years, we have been establishing long-lasting relationships with the leading international suppliers in this industry. 

These relationships allow us to avoid problems and in the rare case something goes wrong, get your problem solved with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Next time you need pre-printed or smart cards, don't risk your deadline, or roll the dice on product quality, call PPC - ID Card Solutions. Australias largest and most trusted ID solutions provider. 

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