An identity card printer is a powerful tool for your business.

Among the many benefits – including heightened staff sentiment, a tighter security system, efficient operations and a personable workplace environment – is convenience. You have the ability to print high-quality identity cards whenever your team may need, for any function. This quick and simple means of producing signifier badges can transform the efficiency of how your identification system runs. 

In order to arrive at this place of ease, you need to ensure that you are sufficiently stocked with everything you need to produce the right cards for your business. This includes turning your attention towards the supplementary components of your identity card printer, namely, ID card printer ribbons. 

Printer ribbons transfer the designs your team has created using ID card printer software and transfers them onto your store of blank ID cards. The first consideration to make is to take stock of your particular make and model of ID card printer and select compatible ribbons. 

There are many compatible options for ID card printer ribbons and correlating printers available.

Types of ID card printer ribbons

Colour ID card printer ribbon

There are multiple options when it comes to colour-capable ID card printer ribbons. Full-spectrum colour printer ribbons can provide a vivid appearance that will transfer the design of your ID cards seamlessly.

Half-Panel ribbons

Half-panel ribbons can create cards where colour is printed on one side, with the other side appearing in black and white. This is an excellent choice if your design includes your business logo or a dynamic look on one side, with more simplistic details on the other.

Monochrome printer ribbons

Monochrome printer ribbons are ideal if your card design consists of just one colour with no shading or other details. Black monochrome printer ribbons can produce barcodes of rims-Le text, while colour monochrome printer ribbons can be used to add details to cards that have already been printed. There are many colours available when choosing a monochrome printer ribbon.

UV or fluorescent panel ribbons

This option can be used to add images or text to cards that are only visible when presented beneath an ultraviolet or UV light. This is a high-fidelity security measure for larger-scale companies or tight security systems.

Tips for choosing card printer ribbon

When it comes to choosing the right ID card printer ribbons for your business, it is important to consider the model that you have invested in and the ongoing needs within your workplace. Consider these factors when searching for the correct card printer ribbons for your printer:

What is the make and model of your printer? 

Do I require coloured ID cards? 

What functionality do my company ID cards carry? Are they being swiped or tapped regularly? 

How quickly do I need to produce ID cards? 

How many ID cards will my business require to print each year?

What to keep in mind

It is key to note that most ID card printer ribbons have a shelf life of 12 months, which is why considering how much you will be using your identity card printer is one of the top considerations. Limit your supply if printing is at a slower pace, or stock to your needs accordingly to ensure you always have a sufficient store of high-quality cards available whenever needed. 

This requirement can be deciphered by considering the size of your business, how quickly your team is growing and the ongoing use and functionality of the ID cards in your company. 

Optimise your identity card printing system in your business by investing in the right ID card printer ribbons today.

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