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Coal Truck Loading / Unloading System

Supplier: Uticor AVG
18 February, 2009

Reason for the system:

This system has been installed in NSW to manage and audit the tonnage of coal handled by several power stations.

This system could equally apply to other bulk material such as grains handling, flour, cement, etc.


The advantages are its low cost of implementation, accurate record keeping and easy installation and maintenance.

Brief Description of System:

To measure exact quantities of coal coming into a power station we need to know the following:

" The identity of a truck, given by a Telsor RFID tag mounted on the truck. This can give normal tare weights, registration number of the truck, and therefore identity of the owner of the vehicle.

" Measure and record the weight of the truck on entry and exit to and departure from the power station.

" Display and control the movement of the trucks on the site of the power station.

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