Crane inspection software: the solution to easily automate inspections and ensure that cranes are in prime condition.

Around the world there are strict regulations on the maintenance of heavy machinery and cranes are no exception. Preventing accidents through regular inspections of parts and assets is essential and inspection software has once again shown its worth.

When it comes to safety, there is no room for human error. Crane inspection software eliminates what has been a common problem with past inspections. Usually it is the crane operators who are tasked with performing inspections and there is a tendency to rush over mandatory paper-based inspections to start the “real work” of crane operation. This mentality leads to inspection details being rushed through and even omitted.

Crane inspection software will alert the crane inspector if an item that ought to be checked has been omitted. Crane operators will not be able to start operating a crane until they have fully completed the inspection. This decreases human error and means more accountability. The inspection software will keep a history of past inspections as well as the names of inspectors. In the case of an accident this information can easily be located.

Inspectors can also take pictures of any items of concern using the inbuilt camera function on most mobile devices. The crane inspection software allows the inspector to use a stylus and draw an arrow or circle around the defect on the photo. This is attached to the inspection report. RFID or barcodes can also be used to track the history of specific crane parts for example when the part was last serviced, when it is due for service and any previous faults.

Crane inspectors are usually reluctant to use new technology but the crane inspection software will be almost identically reproduced in digital format. Before switching to an electronic system, show inspectors how the software will operate. Learning the new system is usually quite straightforward for even the least tech-savvy users.

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