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Creating comfortable, environmentally-friendly working environments

Supplier: Composite Global Solutions
24 June, 2013

Construction for Stage Two of the environmentally friendly St Brigid's Primary School development is just about to break ground.

During the planning process, brand architects made the choice in choosing the Thermomass insulation system. They recognised just how important it is for students to have a comfortable, facilitative environment in which to learn and flourish.

Studies have shown the right temperature greatly improves mood and productivity — vital factors in determining the concentration abilities in students.

Thermomass precast concrete panels provide a large, well insulated thermal mass which keeps the temperature passively regulated — absorbing and releasing heat energy throughout the day without the need for extra cooling.

However, the benefits of a thermally stable environment aren't just applicable to the education sector, the same principles can easily be applied within an office environment.

And so, with the well-documented increase in productivity and employee morale, as well as significantly reduced energy costs, it's easy to see why more and more commercial developers are choosing Thermomass for their upcoming large-scale projects.