Diverseco and SureVis partner to distribute Temperature Scanning Solutions

Diverseco and SureVis partner to distribute Temperature Scanning Solutions

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with SureVis and to be distributors for their Temp Scan Thermal Screening Solution – an elevated temperature detection camera and solution suite aimed at creating healthy spaces so our customer’s organisation and people can thrive.

The addition of the Temp Scan to our growing product portfolio allows us to continue to deliver value to our customers across a range of multi-industry relevant applications. With the Temp Scan Thermal Screening suite, we can improve the overall health status of our customer’s sites through non-invasive temperature screening that comes in a variety of out-of-the-box ready solutions.

SureVis have developed a remarkable solution that is a fast, accurate, easy to use, and affordable thermal screening tool. It is a first-line measurement system that detects skin surface temperature, and alerts when skin temperature exceeds the normal threshold.

The SureVis Portal will provide your operations a way to direct your traffic (or designate an easy-to-see screening area), screen their body temperature, and provide an opportunity to add your own branding to the system for enhanced integration into your environment.

In addition to the SureVis Portal, our selections also include two distinct, plug-and-play and easy to use alternative solutions. The SureVis Desk Mount and SureVis Wall Mount will work out-of-the-box with no customisation, or can be factory-upgraded to meet the needs of your exact application. For applications that require low-profile systems such as office buildings and indoor educational institutions, the Desk Mount and Wall Mount provide ideal application solutions whilst maintaining a low solution footprint and can be installed virtually anywhere.

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