Do I need a Strapping Machine Tool or Should I Stay Manual?

Choosing the best strapping medium should be simple, but not getting it right then it can make the difference between losing stock through separation, items arriving intact and together, or injury.

Strapping Choices - from Get Packed

Today there are 3 choices of how to strap items together. There's the Strapping Tool - the portable option which is also a high strength tool that can use either plastic or poly strapping. There is a Strapping Kit which includes all the items you require to do a manual strapping job- available in either plastic, polyester or metal/steel strapping. Being a manual option the kits are best when there are only low volume strapping jobs to be done, but as it is a kit it is also portable. The last choice is a strapping machine - which does the job in a matter of seconds and so is best when you are doing higher volumes.

Zapak or ZenthPack Battery Operated Strapping Tools – the portable choice

We have a number of alternatives when it comes to hand held strapping tools, but the benefit here is that they are portable – and they are strong. Consider your situation where you may need to take the strapping machine to the goods instead of the goods to the strapping machine (eg – planks of wood, or pallet loads of goods) . These strapping tools will tension and seal your strap in one action without the need for metal seals or buckles and allows you to move around, or even take it on the road with you, and they can be used with both plastic or poly strapping.

Strapping Kit – manual and portable, but better for low volume strapping

Strapping kits are available in plastic , polyester or metal and include all the items you need to manually strap goods together have been put into a kit (i.e. strapping, seals, tensioner, crimper and dispenser/stand). They are better for low volume strapping requirements and when you may require portability. So what’s the difference between the 3 types and which one of those to choose? They all have different breaking strains (not to be confused with weight of goods) – so how much strain to be put on the strap will determine what kit you require.
You may notice that there is not a great deal of difference between the polyester strapping and the steel strapping – so it basically comes down to preference. Many people prefer polyester strapping as the likely hood of injury from polyester strapping is considered lower than with steel strapping, it’s lighter and it’s cheaper to purchase and freight.

Plastic Strapping:
12mm plastic – has a 70kg breaking strain
15mm plastic – 140Kg breaking strain
19mm plastic 9heavy duty) – 400Kg breaking strain

Polyester Strapping:
12mm Poly – 230Kg breaking strain
15m Poly – 500Kg breaking strain
19mm Poly – 850Kg breaking strain

Steel Strapping:
12mm steel – 543Kg breaking strain
15mm steel – 629Kg breaking strain
19mm steel – 893 breaking strain

Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic or Automatic Strapping Machines are best for high volume strapping requirements. They use plastic strapping to do the job, they are quick and efficient and most commonly used in warehouse environments where multiple bundles are strapped together in a day. For heavier packages multiple straps are used.

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