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Electrical Tapes

Supplier: ETS Embossing and Tape Supplies

Embossing & Tape Supplies does a wide range of electrical tapes covering many associated industries

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Our comprehensive range covers a vast number of applications, including electrical and thermal insulation, electrical isolation, cable and wire harness bundling and identification, coil wrapping, cable jacket repairs and holding and much more.

We have access to a wide range of products from 3M, Husky, Stylus, Tesa , Insulect, Venture.

From holding up the kid's socks at soccer, to harnessing a wire loom in your car, PVC insulation tape has 1001 uses around the home and in industry.

High temperature insulation tapes are used in electric motors, transformers, and many electrical and electronic appliances.

Our Main 3M Products include:

Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Electrical Tape
Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape is a professional grade, all-weather vinyl electrical insulating tape. Super 33+ is conformable for cold weather application to 0°F (-18°C) and is designed to perform in a continuous temperature environment up to 220°F (105°C). An aggressive adhesive and elastic backing enables Super 33+ to easily conform to irregular surfaces for moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection. Super 33+ provides flexibility and easy handling for all around performance.

Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape 35
Scotch Vinyl Electrical Colour Coding Tape 35 is a premium-grade electrical tape that stretches to conform to virtually any shape that requires colour-coded insulation. Scotch 35 is abrasion- and weather-resistant, with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties, and wraps smoothly and holds tight over a wide range of temperatures. There are nine stay-fast colours for colour-coding applications.

Scotch® Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88
Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape Super 88 is a 8.5 mil heavy duty, premium grade all-weather vinyl electrical insulating tape. Super 88 maintains conformability for cold weather applications:

  • Better mechanical/ abrasion resistance
  • Quicker build-up

Scotch® Vinyl Mastic Pads 2200 (125 mil) and Scotch® Vinyl Mastic Roll 2210 (90 mil)
Scotch Vinyl Mastic Pads 2200 and Scotch Vinyl Mastic Rolls 2210 are self-fusing, rubber-based insulating compounds laminated to a flexible, all-weather grade PVC backing. Both rolls and pads are resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acid, copper corrosion, UV and varying weather conditions.

Scotch® Electrical Moisture Sealant (45 mil) 06147 and 06149
Scotch Electrical Moisture Sealant 06147 and 06149 are self-fusing, rubber-based thin insulating mastic compounds laminated to a flexible, allweather grade PVC backing and are designed for moisture sealing of electrical connections up to 600 volts.

Scotch® Rubber Mastic Tape 2228
Scotch Rubber Mastic Tape 2228 is a conformable self-fusing rubber electrical insulating and sealing tape. Scotch® Rubber Mastic 2228 consists of Ethylene Propylene rubber (EPR) backing coated with a strong, temperature-stable mastic adhesive.

3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Mastic Tape Compound 2229
3M Scotch-Seal Mastic Tape Compound 2229 is designed for quick and easy insulating, padding and sealing of electrical connections. It is a conformable, durable, tacky mastic with an easy release liner for easy applications over irregular surfaces and provides excellent moisture resistance. It features superior self-healing characteristics after being punctured or cut.

3M™ Scotchfil™ Electrical Insulation Putty
Use as a build-up compound on highly irregular surfaces such as fittings and valves, providing a smooth, waterproof taping surface. Scotchfil Putty is soft and pliable—simply press putty into place on irregular surfaces, mold with finger pressure and overtape using standard methods.

Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234
Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 has a tough abrasion-resistant backing for jacket repair on
industrial cables, such as flexible portable power cables, draglines, diesel locomotive cable, welding and shipboard cables. Due to abrasive dragging and reeling of these flexible cables, the original jacketing gets damaged often and needs to be repaired. Scotch Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 is flexible and the self-healing property of the mastic keeps out moisture.