Empty Plastic Bottle Bagging Machines

Empty plastic bottle bagging machines for the Rigid Plastics Industry.

Productive Systems manufacture and supply empty plastic bottle bagging machines for the Rigid Plastics Industry. Mitchell Industries represents Productive Systems equipment in the ASEAN market.

Our range of bagging machines includes:

  • Basic units
  • Semi-automatic units where an operator manually hooks a premade bag onto the bag clamps.
  • Fully automatic machines where the bags are supplied on a roll in tube form and the bagger automatically hooks the bag and seals the bag.
  • Palletising of bags.
  • Strapping and/or stretch wrapping of pallets also available.

Further to the above range we offer bagging machines with conveyor in-feeds or machines with direct airveyor in-feed. Advantage of direct airveyor in-feed is that the row(s) of bottles are fed directly to the bagger and placed onto the bagger accumulation table by means of a bottle put down unit. This eliminates the transferring of bottles from airveyor to conveyor going into the bagger that creates more opportunities for line issues.

Speeds of up to 28,000bph per bagger are possible depending on bottle size and stability.

Some of the unique features of our bagging machines includes:

  • Rows of bottles are secured on all 4 sides when pushed  (for conveyor in-feed) or placed (for direct airveyor in-feed) on the bagger accumulation table. This allows for the secure handling of unstable bottles at high speed.
  • Our bagger accumulation tables are driven modular chain conveyors. Rows of bottles are not pushing each other, the rows are indexed by the driven accumulation table. Again, this allows for secure handling of bottles.
  • Side plates are used to keep bag open and prevent bottles from rubbing against the sides of the bag. This prevents bottles from losing its formation when pushed into the bag. The bag is kept open and allows for a tighter bag.

All of the above functions are designed with handling unstable bottles at high speed securely to increase line efficiency.

From 25L drums to 180ml bottles, we have a bagger system capable of handling your product.

Productive Systems bagging machines are installed across the globe with each installation thus far being a complete success.

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