Enware’s VERTECH™ technology offers effective eye washing

Supplier: Enware By: Bridget Fazio
26 August, 2016

Enware’s unique VERTECH™ Technology specifically designed for effective eye washing offers maximum comfort and relief when it’s most needed.

This technology has been designed to create a Zero Velocity point – which boosts flushing effectiveness and comfort for the eyes and face, this in turn allows a greater amount of time in the flushing zone - especially when cleansing the sensitive eyeballs from hazardous contaminants. 

  • Zero Velocity point provides more comfort and control
  • Dedicated eyewash streams for targeted flushing of eyes
  • Independently angled face wash streams provide optimum coverage

Enware emergency systems have been protecting people, the workplace and the environment for many years in industries such as  mining, petrochemical, oil refinery, chemical manufacturing, handling and storage, as well as laboratories and hospitals.  Enware’s knowledge and expertise will ensure a solution that offers the best possible protection with products that will perform when needed.

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