“Eradicator” for Unloading Tankers

Recent Gorman-Rupp pump purchase for unloading wastewater tankers to deliver years of wastewater pumping capabilities for the council

A NSW Council has recently acquired a Gorman-Rupp T3C60SC-B for unloading wastewater tankers.

The tankers collect wastewater from septic tanks, which can contain stringy materials such as rags and wet wipes.

The council wanted a pump designed for this type of service and liked the look of Gorman-Rupp’s “eradicator solids management system”. The system comes as an upgrade to Gorman-Rupp’s dependable range of Super T Series sewage and industrial wastewater pumps and is equipped with some new and patented features to deal with these tricky materials.

The design utilises an aggressive self-cleaning wear plate including integral laser cut notches and grooves in combination with a revolutionary lacerating “tooth” designed to constantly and effectively clear the eye of the impeller. The design also includes a lightweight inspection cover for faster and easier access to the impeller without effecting internal clearances. An obstruction free flow path completes the design.

Gorman-Rupp’s Super T Series range extends from the T3 [80mm suction and discharge] to their T10 [250mm suction and discharge], which can all be upgraded with the “eradicator system”. In fact, the “eradicator” system is available as an upgrade kit to all Super T Series pumps in the field. Wastewater flows from 5L/s through to 200L/s can be handled by this series of pumps.

The pump is expected to deliver years of wastewater pumping capability for the council.

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