Europress Mining News

Supplier: Air Energy
12 February, 2018

In the desolate expanses of outback Australia, Europress reliability is becoming the material of choice for withstanding the extremes of harsh outback temperatures and working environments.

Here at a huge Iron ore mine more than a thousand kilometers from Perth, press fittings are saving huge amounts of time and money.

Instead of flying in and out expensive highly trained welders, providing food and accommodation for long periods of time, the job is getting done up to 10 times faster.

As the sun sets at the end of a long hot day and the chill of the desert night begins, the operators of this crucial fuel depot at the mine headquarters can have confidence in the EUROPRESS PRESSFITTINGS. At these huge distances from civilisation, reliability is essential!

Europress press fittings are used for diesel fuels and lubrication oils, keeping the fleet operational.

The sheer portability of installing press fittings without the need for gas bottles, hoses or the dangers of naked flames is a genuine time and money saver for contractors and end users.

Seen here at a mining site in the remote outback, Europress press fittings are used for diesel fuel and lubrication oils, keeping the mine fleet operational. Pipework can be installed without any risk of welding-caused fires. A real bonus is there is no need to purge out existing lines before making alterations or extensions.