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Ever wanted to see what is going on inside a valve?

Supplier: Upwey Valve & Engineering
10 July, 2013

If so, technology and some clever innovations are coming to your rescue.

Upwey Valves & Engineering (UVE) is introducing a Borescope Inspection Port on most of its Australian manufactured valves.

Borescopes have been used extensively in the aviation industry for many years to inspect jet engines without the need for removal or strip down; the cost savings are enormous.

Now this advantage is available in the bulk of the UVE range of valves.

How does it work?

An initial valve inspection can occur without the need to remove the valve from the piping system or to strip the valve down, saving you time and money. Routine or annual inspections can be reduced to a few minutes. Problems can be identified quickly allowing the maintenance crew to focus on other areas of the piping system or proceed with a service of the valve if required.

With the purchase cost of borescopes coming down dramatically over the recent years, these handy devices are becoming the must-have tool for inspecting inaccessible areas in a range of equipment.