Fans in winter?! You bet your ass!

In summer Big Ass Fans make you feel cooler. But in winter they do something else entirely: It's called destrat. not only does it make you warmer, but also saves you money. Here's how.

An air-rising adventure

In winter, your furnace warms the air, which makes it lighter. That warm, light air then naturally heads to the ceiling. Meanwhile, you’re at floor level with the heavier air, and so is your thermostat. Depending on ceiling height, the difference can be up to 6°C.

Feeling a chill, the thermostat keeps calling for more heat, and because you’re shivering, you might even raise its setting a degree or two, making the furnace work even harder. And of course, the harder the furnace works, the more you pay. 

Be in the mix with destrat

Through destrat (technically, thermal destratification), Big Ass Fans mix that hot air at the ceiling with the cooler air at the floor – and all the temperature layers in between – creating a uniform temperature.

It takes a large-diameter Big Ass Fan set on a slow forward speed – not reverse – to achieve total destrat. The slow speed ensures there’ll be no draft. And total destrat can result in savings of up to 30% on your winter heating bill.

There was a full return on investment within 12 months. After investigating all the options to increase my building's efficiency, the fan was the best money-saving investment to get my power consumption down - Mike Shirley | Double Diamond Gym


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