Floor Tuff Ultimate provides non-slip solution for wooden bridges

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
23 August, 2013

The periodic safety review for this government authority has identified a potential issue with some wooden pedestrian bridges in Sydney's west.

They contacted the Global Safe NSW, a Global Safe Technologies authorised dealer for expert advice and a solution proposal to reduce the risk of a slip and fall incident.

Global Safe NSW has proposed using an environmentally friendly highly slip resistive and attractive anti-slip coating, the Floor Tuff Ultimate to rejuvenate the  surfaces, after the existing and badly worn coating was removed and the surface properly prepared.

The Floor Tuff Ultimate product will provide a sustainable Very high Coefficient of Friction / Pendulum Class V slip resistance, which also cures quickly.

To ensure that the newly provided anti-slip surface will provide a problem free, sustainable, long term solution, the existing surfaces had to be properly prepared, by removing all previously applied paints and in grained contamination. The Global Safe NSW team have thoroughly prepared the surface before the application of the new solutions.

After the preparatory work was completed the area was masked then the product was applied. The anti slip layers were sprayed to provide a more consistent, and aesthetically appealing finish.

As the work was performed in a public access way, proper demarcation had to be established. The entire job was supervised by the representative of the local authority.

The entire project was completed within the agreed time frame, including allowance for curing.

Management has expressed their satisfaction both with the rejuvenated surfaces aesthetical appearance as well as the dramatically increased slip resistance of the surfaces.
It has already been indicated that further work requirements are being identified as part of their comprehensive safety review of similar situations.

As a result of the work completed, Global Safe NSW is expected to carry out further work in other areas that will be considered require rejuvenation.

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