Fully automatic hydrostatic test machine for plastic pipes and fittings

Hydrostatic and burst testing machines feature are specifically used for time-to-failure-test of plastic pipe under constant internal pressure and...

...and for test-of-resistance-to-short-time hydraulic pressure of plastic pipe tubing and fittings.

Such machines find use by manufacturers or importers of plastic pipes and fittings.

Hylec Controls  offers cost-effective hydrostatic and burst testing machines designed for high accuracy, reliability, precision and stability.

These models are specially designed for hydrostatic and burst tests of thermoplastic pipes and fittings. These machines can be configured with nominated precision pressure transducer ranges for maximum testing pressures of 10Mpa, 16Mpa, 20Mpa and 30Mpa.

The HTM hydrostatic and burst testing machines conform to the following testing standards: GB/T 6111, GB/T 15560, GB/T 18997.1, GB/T 18997.2, ISO1167, EN921, ASTM F1335 and ASTM D1598.

Key features of HTM hydrostatic and burst testing machines:   

  • Advanced OMRON PLC specially designed for industrial use offers closed loop control of working pressure and pressure compensation with high reliability and stability
  • Feature European or U.S. components such as precision pressure transducer, electromagnetic valve, accumulator, electro-magnetic valve, and electric pump ensure high reliability and precision
  • Accumulator is used for pressure compensation and reduces working time of motor and pressurising system, and improves pressurising system life and ensures pressure accuracy
  • Electric pump ensures high stability and reliability, and improves accuracy of pressurising speed and control
  • Water filter provides high precision filtering with big flow rate and stainless mesh
  • Professional software is powerful and simple to use
  • Real-time display of pressure time graphics for each station
  • Real-time display data and test report is programmable by the user
  • A real-time display of time-pressure curve and time-temperature curve
  • Powerful test parameter set-up allows hydrostatic test, burst test and graduation pressuring test
  • 64 test stations to accommodate multiple tests without interference
  • 6 sizes of water tanks for selectable sizes of test specimens
  • Optional load temperature cooling permits non-ambient pressure test
  • Stainless SS316 piping system permits high reliability and durability
  • Pressure ranges from 10mPa up to 20mPa

It is now possible to achieve the same testing accuracy and repeatability as achieved by large laboratories using Hylec’s hydrostatic and burst testing machines. Hylec also offers a full range of other test machines for the plastics industry universal test machines and Vicat machines. To enquire, simply email [email protected].

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