Global Urban Slim Line rainwater tanks

Supplier: Global Rotomoulding By: Noelene Bellette
01 December, 2010

These tanks were specifically designed to provide water storage in restricted spaces.

The aesthetic appeal of the design and the practical features have made it a very popular tank.

The following features are the signature of Global's slim line rain water tanks:

  • Design engineering with finite elemet analysis has been undertaken.
  • Hand grips at thigh height for easier placement.
  • Outlets for taps at bucket height- 3/4 inch outlet (2 at each end at bucket height.)
  • 1 inch outlet (1 at each end) ability to join tanks and increase capacity.)
  • 300mm leaf strainer with light guard (ability to have two inlets if desired.)\
  • 2 lifting lugs to assist craning a tank into palce if required.

The tanks are available in a range of colours to match your home or shed. Sizes include 2200 Litres, 3000 Litres and 5000 litres. The slim line tank is designed to be placed on a concrete slab.

The ultimate tank for builders and plumbers due to ease of placement and installation.

Great because it is a space saver yet provides a significant amount of water storage.