Gorman-Rupp, one of the best things we have done!

This editorial is about OneHarvest, a vegetable processing plant that installed a Gorman-Rupp pump at their plant. They were very pleased with their results, "it's one of the best things we have done"

Regional vegetable processing plant, OneHarvest, was having trouble with a sump and submersible pump arrangement on their wastewater. The pump was a constant and costly drain on maintenance hours and production disruption as it would block regularly with the vegetable matter in the wastewater. The time and costs involved in removing the chokes and replacing the submersible equipment was an issue that needed to be resolved. 

OneHarvest’s Maintenance Supervisor, Mr Matt Leach, contacted Hydro Innovations Regional Manager for Victoria, Graeme Spence to discuss potential solutions. Graeme and the Hydro team share over 80 years of pump experience and knowledge, and were able to work with Matt to devise an innovative system. 

By re-using the majority of their existing civil works – wet wells and inlet valves, but replacing the problematic submersible pump with a rugged and reliable above ground self-priming pump, the chokes would occur less often and it would be far simpler to monitor and maintain.  A Gorman Rupp T series pump, motor and base were selected to replace the existing unreliable submersible pump. The current 2” discharge line could easily be retained, and a new 2” T series pump was selected. Because the Gorman Rupp pumps are so easy to check and adjust clearances, the pumps operate better, and for longer than submersible pumps, resulting in fewer chokes and blockages.

Placing the pump and motor at the surface and using the excellent self-priming Gorman Rupp T Series pump, no blockages have occurred since its installation. The pump has performed so well; the plant is instigating a policy to replace their other submersible pumps with Gorman Rupp self-priming pumps. Feedback from the plant was “We couldn’t be happier with this pump and it’s become the standard that we will use going forward” and “One of the best things we have done”.


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