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Green goods trade agreement 'encourages sustainable investment'

29 January, 2014

Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), Innes Willox, has welcomed the agreement reached at Davos by Australia, the US, the EU and 11 other WTO members to pursue a trade facilitation agreement on environmental products.

"This agreement will promote the removal of obstacles to market access and will create jobs in this sector, bring down the cost of environmental technologies and encourage further sustainable investment," Willox said.

The B20 Coalition of industry groups from the G20 countries, including Ai Group, also welcomed the announcement as furthering its own priority of recognising the potential of green technologies, such as renewable energy, as global growth drivers.

The United States, European Union, China, Japan and other developed economies recently released a joint statement asserting: "We announce our commitment to achieve global free trade in environmental goods and pledge to work together, and with other WTO members similarly committed to liberalisation, to begin preparing for negotiations in order to advance this shared goal.

"We are convinced that one of the most concrete, immediate contributions that the WTO and its members can make to protect our planet is to seek agreement to eliminate tariffs for goods that we all need to protect our environment and address climate change."

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Ken Goldsmith | Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 11:19 AM
We already have a FTA with Thailand for motor vehicles. Zero tariffs, either way. But the Ford Territory is the only Ford Aus. vehicle that MIGHT have a market in Thailand. Non-tariff barriers force the price from the $35,000 range up to the $100,000 range. We get screwed by EVERY FTA that our brain-dead politicians (of both duopoly parties) sign. China commissions two coal fired power stations every week, Germany is moving from Nuclear and Green back to coal, Japan is moving away from Nuclear. During the recent heatwave in S. Aus., the total wind power sector produced about 1% of it's rated production. So this deal is going to save Australian Industry? Innes Willox is as stupid as Tim FlimFlam Flannery. God help Australian Industry. God help us all.