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Grouting - Sika

Supplier: CE Industries

Grouting with cement and epoxy grouts are used to fill the void between machine bases and the foundation. These structural grouts take on the role of transferring load between the machine and the foundation.

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Grouting - Sika

Machinery and equipment which have precise tolerances for alignment, or require uniform support, cannot be placed directly onto finished concrete surfaces. Both the concrete surface and the machine base have irregularities which result in alignment difficulties and bearing load concentrations.

Sika Grouts can be used to fill the voids between a given substrate (usually concrete) and machinery base plates, equipment base plates, anchor bolt holes, bearing plates, prefabricated columns, rails, and tilt-up panels. Grout can also be injected into surface cracks, or used for waterproofing or repair work.

Cementitious Grouts

SikaGrout 212HP

  • Shrinkage compensated high strength grout
  • Plastic or flowable consistency
  • Dual expansion
  • Suitable for machine bedplates, anchor bolts, bridge bearing pads, tilt-up sections, crane rails.
  • SAA MP20 type ‘A’ and ‘C’ grout
  • Compressive strength of 90 MPa at 28 days

SikaGrout 100

  • Shrinkage compensated high strength grout
  • Plastic or flowable consistency
  • Suitable for micro concreting, bearing plate bedding
  • Anchor bolts, general aggregate concrete
  • SAA MP20 type ‘C’ grout
  • Safe for use in underground mines
  • Compressive strength of 75 MPa at 28 days

SikaGrout GP

  • Shrinkage compensated general purpose cementitious grout
  • Suitable for general grouting applications
  • SAA MP20 type ‘A’ grout
  • Compressive strength of 54 MPa at 28 days
  • Suitable for plastic, flowable or rammable consistency

SikaGrout-300PT (au)

  • Aggregate free, easy to place grout
  • Suitable for sensitive areas
  • Ideal for the filling and repairing of voids within ducts of post-tensioned structures


  • Shrinkage compensated grout for under water application
  • Suitable for reinstating concrete elements under water
  • No significant ‘wash out’ of cement
  • Compressive strength of 75 MPa at 28 days


  • High early strength grout
  • Reaches 20MPa at 2 hours
  • High alumina cement content


  • Ultra high compressive strength grout
  • Reaches 100MPa at 28 days
  • Self placing capabilities
  • Easy to use and place

Epoxy Grouts


  • Solvent free epoxy based grout
  •  Plastic consistency
  •  Insensitive to moisture
  • Very high mechanical strengths
  • Low creep under permanent load
  • Excellent chemical resistance


  • Low viscosity – plastic consistency
  • Suitable for crack injection and for filling cracks
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • High mechanical strengths


  • High density flowable grout displaces water
  • Can be used in wet and underwater situations
  • Applicable in low temperatures
  • Very high mechanical strengths
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Polyurethane Grouts

Icosit KC 340 Range

  • Used for flexible rail fixing
  • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete
  • Vibration and sound absorbing
  • Prevent stray currents from leakage
  • Flexible grout for fixing machinery

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