Happy Birthday 40th NERGECO

Nergeco is celebrating its 40th Birthday this year. Lets take a quick look at what made Nergceo such a success in the high speed door industry.

Established in 1981 in the picturesque countryside of Dunières in South Central France, Nergeco’s founder identified a need for Industrial High Speed Doors.

They key to success was to research and understand specific industry needs, and then develop high quality and reliable products to meet and exceed those needs.

Now global brand with 40 years of Ongoing developing, utilising unique materials and manufacturing techniques, Nergeco has establish itself as the premium choice for the toughest applications, all over the world.

  • Food Grade doors for the food manufacturing from Composite materials that are fully washable and chemical resistant.
  • Large External doors with industry leading High Wind Loads.
  • Clean Room doors for the Pharmaceutical industry offering high sealing and pressure resistance
  • General Logistics doors with ultra-low maintenance requirements & self-reinserting curtains

Nergeco has substantially expanded its manufacturing facilities and is still proudly manufactured in France. Nergeco has also become part of the Dynaco Europe group based in Belgium, which will enable more product offerings to the market into the future.

Sold in Australia for over 20 years, Nergeco has a comprehensive Sales and Service network throughout the country.

Innovative products and outstanding after sales support has been the key to maintaining Nergeco as such a Global success in the automated entrance system industry.

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