How to choose the right barcode scanner for your company's needs

With many different types barcode scanners available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. This guide will help you decide which scanners are the best fit for your business.

The barcode scanner is a small, portable device that scans and decodes the information encoded in these black-and white codes. The first one was invented by an American man named Norman Joseph Woodland back in 1961; it's now used all over for everything from automatically sorting inventory at stores to checking if someone has paid their bus fare using just about any city transit system around town.

Choosing the right barcode scanner depends on your needs and requirements, which you should carefully consider before making any purchases to avoid regretful decisions later down the line. Consider these five things when choosing the right one for yourself:

  1. Think about your budget.
  2. Keep your needs in mind.
  3. Make sure the scanner is compatible with the operating system you prefer.
  4. Check to see if there is a warranty of any kind.
  5. Consider how simple it is to use.

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

Tip 1: Barcodes to scan

The type of barcodes you need to scan will depend on what your product is. For example, if it's something that has an expiration date then 2D codes might be best since they're easier than linear ones because there isn't as much information stored in one line; however, this also makes them harder for scanners with low pixel counts (iphones).

Tip 2: Scanner types and environment

There are various types of barcode scanners, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The type of scanner you select will be determined by your needs and the environment in which you will use it.

Handheld barcode scanners are the most common type of barcode scanners, and they're great for reading codes on products or in inventory. They also happen to be portable so you can use them at a distance.

If you need to scan codes that are difficult to reach or see, such as those on a box or package, a stationary scanner is the best option. They're also more dependable than handheld scanners in low-light situations.

The appropriate barcode scanner will also depend on the user's surroundings. A tough barcode scanner is necessary if you work in a warehouse setting. Because they must be able to withstand the usual wear and tear in warehouses, these scanners are typically more expensive than other types of scanners.

Tip 3: Cost of Ownership

The cost of a barcode scanner will depend on what you use it for and how often. If your work requires that you read codes from all different kinds, then purchasing multiple types may be worthwhile; however, if not there's plenty available at lower costs which can get the job done.

A more expensive model that will last longer and be more durable, for instance, should be considered if you use a barcode scanner every day. A less expensive model might be adequate if you only occasionally need to scan barcodes.

Introducing Datalogic PowerScan™ 9600 series

The new, tough street-legal PowerScan 9600 series is the newest member of our rugged handheld barcode scanner family for addressing Manufacturing, Warehouse and Retail DIY store applications. The ultra-resistant design can withstand any environmental condition to improve daily business operations with productivity! You have three different optics to choose from to meet various needs.

The majority of applications that call for reading standard barcodes at reasonable distances are perfect for the Standard Range optic. The High-Performance optic increases the depth of field on standard 1D/2D codes and adds the ability to decode high density codes. The Document Capture model focuses on applications for document capture, using a colour sensor to capture images and a wide-angle scanner to scan large code.


  • Ultra-ruggedness: IP65 and IP67 sealing rate, 10million trigger hits
  • Outstanding reading performance, increasing productivity.
  • Multiple connectivity, guarantees fast set up and communication
  • Smart batteries maximize charge efficiency and battery usage.
  • Datalogic proprietary STAR Radio, connecting up to 16 scanners to one base, with reduced total solution cost.

If you’re looking for a scanning solution that can keep up with your business, the PowerScan 9600 series is exactly what you need. With products designed to meet the needs of any industry, we are confident that these scanners will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our new line of barcode scanners and how they can benefit your business. Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect scanning solution for your needs.

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