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Huntsman Hot and Warm Cast Elastomers

Supplier: Huntsman Polyurethanes

Designed to provide superior chemical, mechanical and abrasion resistance, hot and warm cast elastomers are used in a large number of industries such as mining, construction, heavy-duty equipment, transport, medical and oil.

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Hot and Warm Cast Elastomers
Huntsman Polyurethanes offers a broad range of MDI and MDI-variants, which can be processed via a one shot or quasi prepolymer route. When required, the elastomers can be cast directly onto rigid surfaces and form coverings of varying thicknesses to protect against chemical and mechanical damage. Huntsman product offer

  • Specialty isocyanates
    Based on our wide range of specialty isocyanates (MDI and MDI-variants) we are able to serve the elastomer market with robust isocyanate solutions. By changing the type of isocyanate while keeping the same polyol resin, one can vary the corresponding physical mechanical properties.

SUPRASEC MDI product range for hot and warm cast elastomers.

  • Formulated systems
    Upon request, we can provide fully and/or half formulated systems supported with guideline mechanical as well as dynamic properties when processed on conventional casting machinery. Our experienced commercial and technical team will assist you in finding the most efficient and economical solution for your business needs.

Typical applications.

Compact elastomers

Wheels and castors
A full range of polyether and ester grade high performance elastomers are available. All systems have excellent tear and abrasion properties. To date a hardness range from 80 up to 95 Shore A is covered but guidelines on modifications can be provided upon customer request. These characteristics are also valid for applications like liners, wheels and tires, rollers, mining screens, conveyor belts, engineering parts, in-line skate wheels, golf balls.

Concrete moulds
A machine-processable system that combines an excellent abrasion resistance, high tear and tensile resistance with improved solvent resistance.

Paper rolls
A range of high performance ether elastomers with excellent dynamical properties.

Foamed elastomers (fully water blown)

Ideal combination of wear and tear excellence with minimal rolling resistance.

High hysteresis foams ( good compression set )
A unique system that combines high hysteresis properties with excellent compression set performance.

Low hysteresis foams ( good compression set )
A range of systems with excellent noise vibration dampening properties.

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