Hydrant located with a ferrous metal detector

Supplier: Gutermann Pty Ltd
20 July, 2011

Whilst deploying ZoneScan noise loggers the leakage team at Snowy Mountains Shire Council had difficulty in finding one of the hydrants marked on their map.

It was critical to find this hydrant and deploy a ZoneScan noise logger on it; otherwise the loggers would have been deployed too far apart to ensure the section of pipe had been surveyed for leaks thoroughly. They produced their Magnetic Wand Ferrous metal detector to locate the hydrant. Unlike most standard metal detectors, the magnetic wand only locates ferrous metals and locates them down to depths of three meters, depending on the mass.

The Magnetic Wand is a magnetic locator that provides a higher signal around the edges of a steel object, enabling the operator to mark out the shape of the target. It was quite clear from the rectangular shape marked that the hydrant had been located.

The Magnetic Wand has a strong signal indicating the position of the hydrant, after a little digging, the operators are surprised it would be any deeper. However after reading the strong signal strength from the display on this ferrous metal detector, they have confidence in the instrument and decide to keep digging.

This was the buried hydrant cover, with the grass and 50cm of earth over it; it had been missing for many years. The nearby apartments were complaining of dirty water and problems with their washing machines.

The great thing about a ferrous metal detector is that it only registers steel and was not distracted by the copper service pipes which was 2 meters from the hydrant.

Eventually after a bit more digging, they strike something solid, sure enough it is the hydrant cover. The picture below shows the hydrant cover located by this ferrous metal detector from Gutermann.

This hydrant cover found with Gutermann’s Magnetic Locator was 500mm underground. The Magnetic Wand had no problem finding this hydrant and can locate hydrant covers at greater depths.

The Magnetic Wand was exact this can be seen from the hole that was dug to expose the missing Fire Hydrant.

This hydrant had not been used for years and the water company was pleased to find this asset. They explained that at that depth, they would never have found this hydrant with a normal metal detector and they were extremely grateful to have had a Magnetic Wand from Gutermann. The Water Company’s next course of action was to raise the chamber lid to compensate for the current soil level.

The colour of the water in the hydrant riser confirms how long this hydrant must have been covered for.

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