Introducing the H340AJ four wheel electric drive hybrid boom

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
19 May, 2015

JLG Industries launches in the Australasian region at HIRE 15 in Adelaide the world's first true four wheel electric drive hybrid boom, the H340AJ.

Combing diesel- and electric-powered system, the H340AJ provides the power and durability of a diesel-powered machine with the flexibility to work indoors or out. Electric power is stored in eight 12V 100AH AGM batteries, each requiring less recharging time than lead acid batteries. It relies on an environmentally friendly, Tier 4 diesel-powered generator for recharging.

The JLG H340AJ has four independent electric brushless AC-drive motors that provide unprecedented rough terrain performance. This four-wheel drive hybrid boom can operate in harsh environments, including muddy and rugged terrain.

The variable-speed motors operate smoothly and quietly, and feature proportional control. When the operator adjusts the controls in the platform, the hybrid boom makes a smooth, gradual transition from start to maximum travel speed (five km/h)and anything in between.

Direct AC drive reduces the number of hydraulic hoses and fittings, and thus the potential for leaks. Battery-only operation allows the H340AJ to be used indoors or outdoors and in any other emissions-free areas.

The H340AJ from JLG gives customers the power, durability and versatility they need in a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to all-diesel units.

H340AJ by JLG