Introducing unique ‘turn-off’ nozzles for spray heads

Supplier: Tecpro Australia
20 April, 2011

Tecpro Australia is proud to introduce a unique spray nozzle that can be shut off individually to suit different requirements.

In industrial and manufacturing settings where spray heads are used for distributing water or other types of liquids, it is common that sometimes not all the nozzles are required.

Spray nozzle specialists, Tecpro Australia has recently introduced the European designed PNR range of nozzles to provide a solution.

"Some situations use spray heads over a conveyor belt or a road surface for example," says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. "The width of the product or surface being sprayed may change several times in the course of a day, and so it is helpful to be able to easily turn off unneeded nozzles to eliminate wasted water or liquids."

The PNR nozzles are manufactured from brass for long lasting wear. Turning the water flow on or off through individual nozzles is simple and fast. 

"We think the flexibility the PNR nozzles offer will appeal to engineers and operations managers working in a wide range of industries," says Cooper. "There are plenty of applications where it is helpful to be able to change the number of open nozzles to suit the dimension of what’s being sprayed."

Tecpro Australia has significant expertise in advising clients on the most appropriate choice of spray nozzles to suit their requirements.

"We think the arrival of the PNR nozzles in Australia is great news for many in the manufacturing and industrial sectors," says Cooper. "For operations that require targeted spraying, they will make the process considerably more efficient and effective."