Is Air Compressor Maintenance Actually Important? The Truth Revealed.

Reliable Compressed Air is the cornerstone of an efficient manufacturing process.

There is no substitute for expertise…
Inexperienced or untrained service technicians can make adjustments to your compressor that could negatively affect your efficiency and output. 

You’ve made the investment in a quality industrial air compressor, we know you would like to see a return on your investment…

The truth is there is only one way to guarantee a maximum service life and efficiency from your machine and it’s with regular preventative maintenance. 

All too often we have businesses go to great lengths to avoid the ongoing cost of preventative maintenance, only to call up once their machine has completely shut off due to overheating or another mechanical failure.  

Resulting in repairs and operational downtime that cost more than the maintenance to begin with. In extreme cases neglected compressors can also damage other machinery costing even more in repairs and replacements…   

There is no replacement for experienced, reliable, thorough compressed air service.



Air Compressors run for more hours than your car, in 95% of applications compressors are expected to run the whole time the factory or plant is operating. Non-stop in all conditions and temperatures with no faults or downtime. 

Preventative maintenance is intended to catch small issues before they turn into major problems. Simple checks can be performed by staff on a regular basis and can ensure regular operation on a short term basis. 

In order to guarantee a long service from your machine, scheduled preventive maintenance completed by a trained technician is required. Their expertise can troubleshoot more complex issues and replace components without risking any permanent damage to the machine. 

In many cases, scheduled maintenance may actually be required to honour the machine’s warranty.



There is no substitute for expertise… Inexperienced or untrained service technicians can make adjustments to your compressor that could negatively affect your efficiency and output. 

Experienced technicians understand your system as a whole and identify flaws in its installation and use their experience to know when certain components begin to wear down and can make recommendations to improve your system's health.

Focus Industrial’s service department only stocks the best spare parts and lubricants to ensure your machine is kept to the standard you purchased it in (or even better!). 

Preventive maintenance only occurs on a quarterly basis (or every 1000 hours). However, in between services there are things you can do to keep your machine in top condition.

To make things easy we have listed out 13 simple tasks you can start doing today: 

  • Monitor all gauges 
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Listen for unusual noises and vibrations
  • Drain Condensate From Tank
  • Check LCD is Operating
  • Check for air leaks in pipework
  • Check for signs rust
  • Clean the outside of the compressor
  • Call Focus Industrial and book preventive maintenance for your Air Compressor. 


Focus Industrial’s Service Plans make the burden of preventive maintenance painless, our Service Department calls you when the time comes to book a service, at the price every single time.



Quality Air Compressors are a significant investment, often without proper attention and scheduled maintenance they can quickly become a bottleneck to your businesses success

Regular maintenance will ensure your Air Compressor runs for longer and performs at greater efficiency. Preventive maintenance performed by an experienced technician can prevent minor issues from turning into significant faults that force you to spend capital that could be reinvested into equipment and staff. 

Focus Industrial have been servicing Air Compressors and Compressed Air Equipment for over 40 years, our service technicians can respond to any call out in the Sydney metro area within 2 hours and regional NSW for additional travel times.

Maximise your business’s potential, speak with the Focus Industrial service team today. Our service department can reduce your maintenance costs, prevent breakdowns and eliminate unexpected cash outlay for compressor repairs. 

Focus Industrial also has service agreements that cover your compressor for up to 5 years at a fixed cost, so you can focus on what you do best. 


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