ISOBUS Gateway for Agricultural Equipment

The ifm ISOBUS Agri-Mate provides a method of data transfer between the farming machinery and the existing virtual terminal.

The ISOBUS gateway allows easy use of the existing display in the tractor unit via the ISOBUS. For this purpose, the gateway is installed between the controller in the add-on unit and the connection to the tractor unit. Using the libraries provided in CODESYS, the visualisation saved on the gateway is simply adjusted to suit the individual application. The most commonly used ISOBUS visualisation objects are available to this end.

In addition, the AUX function (Auxiliary Control Function) is supported so that the respective machine handling can be individually adapted to the application. With the convenient M12 connector, the ISOBUS gateway can be easily connected with any mobile controller from ifm via the CAN interface, even subsequently.

The high protection rating IP 67 and the closed surface provide protection even under adverse environmental conditions. Even extreme temperatures or permanent shock and vibration do not affect the functionality of the ISOBUS gateway.

Key Features include:

  • Easy integration to existing VT
  • Seamless communication
  • Significant reduced workflow
  • Maximised Savings 
  • Zero ongoing costs 

Buddy up with the ifm ISOBUS Agri-Mate and ensure your machinery remains connected.

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