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JobManagerPro System for Sydney Lawns and Gardens

04 March, 2007

Sydney Lawns and Gardens provides a thriving landscaping and garden maintenance service to 35 clients with around 177 jobs on the system at any one time.

Since installing Nortech's JobManagerPro system, the owner of the business, Nick Perkins, owner of the business, has reaped many benefits including reduced costs and improved efficiency.

The business requires multiple crews in the field to communicate data back to the office. Regular jobs need to be scheduled and new jobs must be entered into the accounting system with costs for labour and materials for invoicing at the end of the month. Notes written in the field are time-consuming and inefficient and manual rekeying back at the office increases the chance of error.

Nick found the solution by installing JobManagerPro. The data is quickly and easily entered on the spot into a mobile device. He says, "I just enter info at the end of each job and forget about it. No need to remember or write down and re-enter data when I return to the office".

The information is electronically transmitted and the system automatically feeds it into the accounting system at the office. Nick says, "At the end of the month I can quickly see who owes money and print off an invoice for them". The electronic process frees up Nick's time to concentrate on getting the work done.

Nick has found the reporting function useful as a management tool. The system produces information on total sales and information for calculating BAS.

The system is intuitive and easy to use. No IT skills are required.

JobManagerPro provides the tools to streamline your business, cut costs and reduce error. The overall efficiency improves customer satisfaction. Even the smallest business can reap substantial business benefits by implementing Nortech's JobManagerPro.

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