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Latest Zapak Battery Operated Strapping Tools are the toughest yet.

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
31 August, 2015

The latest battery operated Zapak Strapping Tools - the 93A and 97A have hit the market since the Zapak 96 was launched 3 years ago and have been equipped with the most advanced devices to endure under heavy workload.

And to test them they randomly picked 5 tools from the production line and were tested under 250,000 strapping cycles. Each cycle was carried out by an actual operator performing a full cycle of tensioning, sealing and cutting on smooth PET 16mm x 1.0mm and each tool proved their reliability.

Compared to European brands the Zapak 93A and 97A (only the 97A is stocked by Get Packed)

  • are the lightest and most balanced tools compared to those in the same class, weighing only 3.4Kg which greatly reduces operator fatigue.
  • being equipped with Bosch's latest 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery the Zapak has the highest battery capacity amongst the same class of tools - therefore having 40% more strapping cycles too.
  • on average they are 20-30% more affordable that European brands

The Zapak portable battery operated strapping tool will tension and seal your strapping in one action - without the need for metal seals or buckles. The Zapak 93A has a maximum tension of 250Kgs and works with PET (polyester) Strapping from 12-16mm whilst the heavier duty 97A has a maximum tension of 400Kgs and works with PET Strapping from 16-19mm. They are ideal where portable strapping is required.


The latest Zapak Battery Operated Combination Strapping Tool Zapak 97A