Let’s Talk Drum Bunds and Safety Management

One of the first things that come to mind when considering workplace safety is choosing the correct spill bunding for your flammable and combustible liquids.

Australian Laws and Regulations indicate that spill containment is required where oils and hazardous chemicals are stored in a workplace to prevent and prepare for spills while reducing the risk of injury or environmental damage.

What is a Bund:

The Bund is designed to contain such spillages and leaks from liquids used, stored or processed above ground to facilitate clean-up operations. The specific type of bunding required in a workplace is determined by the level of risk at the site and the type of facility.

A Bund consists of:

  • An impervious bund wall or embankment surrounding the facility or tanks,
  • An impervious floor within the bunded area,
  • Any joints in the floor or the wall, or between the floors and the wall, and
  • Any associated facilities designed to remove liquids safely from the bunded area without polluting the environment.

As well as being used to prevent pollution of the receiving environment, bunds are also often used for fire protection, product recovery and process solution.

Every Australian business which has hazardous chemicals are legally obligated to have a spill containment system in place and a failure to do so can result in fines up to $30,000 for each offence. Thankfully the team at Wholesale Safety Storage Australia has a wide selection of drum bunds, spill pallets and drum management centres to keep your team and workplace safe.

In general, workplaces that most often require spill containment includes, but not limited to:

  • Workshops and automotive,
  • Transport and shipping,
  • Mining, oil and gas,
  • Hospitals and defence, as well as
  • Councils and utilities.

In the end, the going rule of thumb is that where dangerous liquids are stored above ground, bunding and spill containment is necessary.

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

When it comes to Flammable Liquids, having the proper containment systems and bunding can prevent fires, explosions, chemical exposure injuries and catastrophic damage to the environment. To ensure your chemical storage and handling areas are fully compliant for workplace safety legislation and Australian Safety Standards (specifically Section 4.4.3 Australian Standard AS1940:2017) spill bunding must be:

  • Impervious,
  • Chemically resistant,
  • Fire-resistant, and
  • Capable of recovering chemicals

For most workplaces, there is a need for a mix of permanent and temporary spill containment systems that are portable, safe and convenient. These indoor and outdoor chemical stations must allow for safe delivery intake, decanting, transferring, storage and manufacturing of flammable and combustible liquids.

Level of Risk

The level of sophistication that might require bunds depends on the level of risk posed to the environment from each facility. This would be based on several site-specific factors including:

  • Type of liquid being used or stored and its potential impacts on the environment,
  • Amount of Liquid being used or stored,
  • The ability of the facility or storage system to prevent spillages or leaks,
  • Duration of any temporary storage, and
  • The sensitivity of the environment.

Type of Facility

Facilities that should comply with bunding requirements include (but not limited to):

  • Chemical storage facilities,
  • Pesticide storage facilities,
  • Petroleum storage facilities,
  • Electrical transformers containing oil and/or PCBs,
  • Facilities used to transfer stores liquids,
  • Drum storage areas, and
  • Processing areas.

All Wholesale Safety Storage Australia’s bund and spill containment products are designed for temporary or secondary storage while improving workplace safety, housekeeping and protection of the environment. Additionally, bunded floor systems can be created by joining together low profile drum bunds; this is ideal for areas such as decanting stations, below racking, or inside sea containers where spills are likely to occur.

Review our drum bunds, spill pallets and drum management centres selection today to ensure your workplace, team and environment remains safe and meet Australian Standards. If you’d like help choosing the right system for you contact us today and our highly qualified team and walk you through the process.

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