Masking tape solutions for painting, powder coating and electrocoating

Supplier: StockCap
13 August, 2014

Stockcap has a range of masking tapes, discs and films are ideal for painting, powder coating and electro coating (e-coating) applications especially when an object is of large or irregular shape.

Applied and removed easily, masking tapes, discs, and films are flexible and conform to the shape providing a precise line definition.
Materials used in masking tapes include crepe, polyester, polyimide and silicone. Die-cut film and discs protect a variety of shapes during the finishing process.
Masking disc materials are polyimide, polyester and crepe. Masking protective film is available in similar materials and also includes special options such as lead foil, aluminum foil and glass cloth. All styles are designed to withstand harsh chemicals, solvents and high temperatures.
With an approximate heat cure time of 20 minutes, Crepe Tape is suitable for paint finishing processes can withstand up to 325°F (163°C) and is successful when used in the paint finishing process.
Polyester type tape materials resist up to 400°F (204°C) and are an industry standard for e-coating and powder coating finishes.
The powder coating finishing process often uses the polyimide and silicone type tape materials, which will tolerate up to 500°F (260°C) for about 20 minutes.
We have a full range of high temperature masking tapes to cover your needs.