MIL SPEC CIS Watchkeeper Console

Supplier: APC Technology
24 March, 2020

APC Technology completed the CIS Watchkeeper Console project for installation into the Royal Australian Navy’s Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD).

Installation took place in Osborne, South Australia.

The project involved a turnkey approach including design, prototyping, testing and final production. The console meets a range of requirements including the integration of:

  • CCTV control keyboard and PC
  • Display, keyboard, trackball mouse
  • KVM switch
  • Power distribution

They have been tested to meet military specification including temperature & humidity environment conditioning.

Keith McDougle, APC Technology’s Engineering Manager commented, “We are delighted with the final outcome of the consoles. We have worked in conjunction with Raytheon Australia over the last 12 months to meet their requirements and the last console leaves our Adelaide manufacturing plant this month ready to be fitted into the ships.”

About the Air Warfare Destroyer Project

The AWD Alliance is responsible for delivering the world’s most capable multi-mission warships to the Royal Australian Navy. The AWD Alliance is made up of shipbuilder ASC, mission systems integrator Raytheon Australia and the Commonwealth Government through the Defence Materiel Organisation.

The destroyers will be able to assume a leading command and control role with Australian Defence Force and Coalition forces providing self-protection against attacking missiles and aircraft.