MOSCA Strapping Machine for use in Wholesale Industries

Supplier: Mosca Australia
27 March, 2009

Today it is nearly impossible to produce profitably without automation.

However, it is also true that a reasonable level of automation should be defined depending on a cost and benefit analysis for each individual business. This analysis applies also to the wholesale trade.

For newspaper and magazine wholesale a new working model proves to be of value therefore the supply drivers manually commission their individual packages for the various locations. Strapping technology has proven to be cost efficient in the use of energy and materials and in most cases the lowest cost method of securing goods for transit. MOSCA now offers an efficient machine which is perfectly suited for such working environments.

Strapping machine specialist MOSCA, now offers the semi-automatic machine RO-MP-K which has been designed for the newspaper and magazine wholesale application along with manual commissioning sectors. For ease of operation, the operator panel is accessible from both sides and the machine is also equipped with dual foot pedals.

The table tops have been extended to offer increased work surface. The operator can easily switch between single or continuous strapping and depending on bundle height and product type, control the strap tension via potentiometer or select the "super-soft-strapping" option for extremely delicate single bundles. An integrated light barrier is offered as an option which measures the bundle height and adjusts the strap tension automatically. Instead of the foot pedal strapping can be released by another option: a light sensor integrated in the table top.

This user-friendly, MOSCA compact machine also offers technical and economical advantages. The strapper works with the proven brushless, wear-free DC motor driven sealing head reducing the quantity of components and follow-up costs. The user therefore continues to benefit from proven MOSCA quality at a comparatively low price.