Move from submersible to bank mounted pumps saves council - safer, more reliable

Oberon Council were looking to improve safety for the operators at their sewage treatment plant and install more reliable and efficient pump system.

Oberon Council were  looking to improve safety for the operators at their sewage treatment plant. Their existing sewage pump operating on their sludge lagoon was suspended under a floating pontoon, and to gain access to the sewage pump, operators needed to extend a ladder from the bank to the pontoon. They then needed to “walk the plank” to get to the submersible pump, with the ever present danger of falling into the sludge. Several operators were required at one time for safety purposes for routine maintenance.

Hydro Innovations recommended to Oberon Council that a Gorman Rupp self-priming centrifugal pump could be mounted on the bank at the side of the lagoon,  allowing for  quicker, easier and safer access to the wastewater pump  for monitoring and service.The Gorman-Rupp T4A3S-B Super T Series self priming pump was selected for the job. This wastewater pump is capable of flows to 42 litres per second (L/S), heads to 33 metres, and operating on suction lifts up to 7.6 metres. The wastewater pump will handle spherical solids up to 76mm, but more importantly, is capable of handling stringy materials such as rags and wet wipes.In extreme applications where “ragging” is chronic, the Gorman-Rupp Super T Series wastewater pumps can be upgraded with the new “Eradicator Solids Management System“.

It is not only the move to the bank that has improved safety and ease of maintenance for the operators. Adjusting sewage pump clearances can be done in minutes, externally, without operators being exposed to raw sewage. This has a positive flow on effect for the optimal operation of the pumps. Because clearance adjustments are more likely to be done (because it is so easy and clean), pump efficiencies can be kept at their maximum, and blockages become much less frequent. This quick and easy preventative maintenance step will greatly reduce operator intervention, improving safety and minimise costs.

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