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New Generation Enerpac Summit Heavy Tonnage Cylinders Raise The Bar

Supplier: Enerpac
09 November, 2017

A new generation of Enerpac high-tonnage cylinders is being introduced to Australia, New Zealand and Paua New Guinea to meet increasing demand for heavier lifts in harsher environments

Enerpac’s new Summit Edition HTC models – in standard capacities from 50-1000 tons - offer outstanding durability, longer service life, and greater side-load resistance for increased heavy lift capability in demanding industries requiring maximum durability, uptime, cost-efficiency and safety.

Applications to which Summit Edition cylinders are particularly suited include mining and energy, onshore and offshore oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, bridges and pipeline plant, heavy manufacturing, materials handling, process engineering and maintenance across diverse industries.

New HTC engineering incorporated into the cylinders includes advanced bearing and sealing technology to extend the boundaries for eccentric loads, while reducing cylinder maintenance intervals, says Enerpac National Sales Manager Mr Darryl Lange.

“The effects of corrosion and scoring are no longer a concern with the Summit ranges because of the cylinders’ black nitrocarburization surface treatment for improved load and wear resistance, plus corrosion protection.”

As with the broader range of Enerpac hydraulic and professional bolting technologies, the new cylinders’ rugged durability is complemented by their backing in the field by the national Enerpac sales, service and technical engineering network, which helps avoid downtime, provides optimum use guidance and on-site safety training where required.

“Safety has long been a major feature of Enerpac cylinder designs, and these cylinders lift our outstanding safety record further to a new level,” says Mr Lange. Industry-leading safety and durability features of the new cylinders include:

• Unique surface treatment results in excellent corrosion protection and wear resistance
• Side-load absorption. Advanced bearing and sealing technology provides side load resistance up to 10 per cent
• Robust cylinder design results in long service life
• Mechanical securing of the load
• Certified lifting eyes for safe handling
• An overflow port and safety valve
• And a collar thread and base mounting holes for securely attaching the load

Summit Edition cylinders are also highly compatible with Enerpac’s PLC-controlled synchronous lifting systems, which simultaneously control multiple cylinders used to precisely lift, shift, balance and position structures sometimes weighting many thousands of tons. In addition to the standard range of lifting capacities, individual HTC cylinders can be custom-manufactured to capacities exceeding 1000 tons.

“These new cylinders are precision engineered to the high standards for which Enerpac is known as a global market leader in 30 countries and as an Australasian market leader for more than 50 years,” said Mr Lange.

“Simultaneously raising the benchmark for cylinder design and engineering, while maintaining outstanding safety features, the Enerpac high tonnage cylinder range defines a new durability standard,” he said. With longer service life, reduced maintenance, and greater side-load resistance, users can confidently take on the most demanding heavy lift applications.

Summit Edition HTC cylinders are complemented by Enerpac pumping solutions proven throughout Australasia for applications prioritising speed, control, intermittent or heavy duty. Pumping solutions include P series Hand Pumps, XC series Cordless Pumps, XA series Air Driven pumps, ZU4 series portable electric pumps, ZE series Electric Pumps and SFP series Split Flow pumps.

Performance of Summit Edition cylinders can be further enhanced by the use of the latest Venturi Valve Technology with ZE and ZU pumps. Return Assisted Electric Pumps with Venturi Valve Technology provide faster retraction speed and improve the productivity of single-acting cylinders,

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