New manifold designed for excavators

Supplier: Hyspecs By: Hydraulic Specialties
15 February, 2017

The team at Hyspecs Christchurch recently designed an impressive manifold in cooperation with a customer.

The valve is designed for use in excavators. It is a 6 port diverter with 5 port crossline protection in each set of working ports. It also has an optional valve incorporated into the design which applies pressure to one port of the non selected function. This is designed to prevent the bucket cylinder of an excavator extending over time when not being used. This situation occurs when another attachment like a grapple is fitted.

The valve is good for 300Lpm @ 420Bar and has 1-5/6" UNO ports . Relief pressures are fully adjustable. In addition to an A and B port supply the valve also needs a pilot oil supply and a selectable power supply to switch between functions.

The customer installed the valves at the base of the boom on a 20 ton excavator, the picture is the manifold prior to being installed.

If you require a Manifold for an Excavator please contact us.