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13th November 2014
Storefront of the Month
Congratulations to Testo Australia, the IndustrySearch Storefront of the Month for November!
Watch our demo video to learn more about creating effective product pages
- How to write a Product Article
- How to write a News Release
- How to write a Case Study
- How to write a Q&A Article
- How to write a Feature Article
- Google authorship: how and why
Storefront Tips
Build more followers
Insert a follow link or icon on your website or email signature. More..
Get more content in the NewsWire
Write articles that aren’t too salesy and think about what the reader is interested in learning.
Want to sell new products?
Use your Storefront stats to see what your most popular products are and consider selling similar items.
Get indexed by search engines
Focus on well researched keyword phrases, place them carefully, and don't over use them.
Get your categories right
Our categories are growing and evolving all the time, so it’s worth checking them regularly for your Storefront.
Creating effective product pages
By Kalon Huett, Industracom
Product pages are the nuts and bolts of your online marketing – get them right and more buyers will get in touch. Here are some great product pages and tips on how you can achieve strong results with yours. And the really exciting part? It's so easy to do!
Spill Containment Caddy with Handles
Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions

This product page keeps it simple and effective. It has an SEO-friendly product name that will show up in search results and an introduction that immediately outlines the product's main applications and benefits. The page also makes perfect use of the image gallery to show both the whole product and a detailed close-up. The features and specifications are then clearly laid out in a list and table respectively.
Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) - Linx TT5
Supplier: Matthews Australasia

Videos are fantastic marketing tools and in this example the product is seen in action - what better way to demonstrate the value of the technology? The product benefits are displayed in an easy-to-read format and if the buyer wants to know more they can simply follow the link provided with the call to action at the end.
Double Column Semi-Automatic Bandsaws | Ajax FHBS
Supplier: CNC Machinery Sales Australia

You can't go wrong with a comprehensive image gallery displaying quality high-resolution pictures of your machinery. Convert product image files to JPEGS for the sharpest results, and take advantage of being able to upload 4 pictures and 1 video to every page.
Forklift Jib Attachments - Fixed & Tilting Types
Supplier: R.J. Cox Engineering

When a particular product line includes a range of different models or sizes, you may wish to use your product page as a launching pad for customers to begin their research. This example shows how to do it – list the various options and provide links to more detailed information pages.
The top tips are:
  • Consider what people will search for when writing the product name
  • Write an easy-to-understand intro paragraph
  • Summarise features and benefits clearly, ideally in bullet points
  • Use great pictures and videos where possible
  • Talk about the main applications for your product
  • Product specifications should be neatly structured below features and benefits

If you're a Storefront owner with us, why not login to add and update your products. Or get in touch with our team of experts for advice. Let's fill your Storefront with quality product pages.

Watch our video demo to learn more about creating effective product pages

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