Noise attenuation for fans from Fanquip

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Air movement specialist, Fanquip , has extended the capability of its turnkey services by building and installing custom silencers of all sizes.

The noise generated by the operation of industrial fans is often a source of concern to medical establishments such as hospitals and nursing homes, shopping centres, industrial and council sites in residential areas and general industry.

Although its own OEM products operate with low noise output, the company recognises that there are circumstances where noise elimination requirements are paramount. Solutions can be part of an overall turnkey air movement project or a retrofit to existing equipment. Therefore, the need to keep the operating fan quiet is the key issue, especially if it is adjacent to a residential area or operating 24/7.

Fanquip’s attenuation solution is part of its ever-growing range of in-house capabilities including fan condition inspections, workspace safety analysis, dust control solutions, heat control in the utilities sector as well as customised solutions for the commercial sector.

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