Oli getting good vibes in New Zealand

Oli, a world leading supplier of quality industrial vibrators and flow aids are making their presence felt in New Zealand.

Oli Vibrators Pty Ltd in conjunction with WAM MHE specialists in material handling equipment in Auckland is making the connection to local business by offering tailored solutions to a broad range of manufacturing and engineering needs. With proven technology and reliability Oli is fast becoming the preferred choice by many of New Zealand’s design engineers, maintenance fitters, manufacturers and consultants.

Getting the job done...

Whether you need a vibrator for maintenance, flow control, screening, cleaning, sorting, grading, conveying or other vibration requirements, OLI has a precisely engineered solution for your application. As a group of professionals drawn from many areas of industry, we know exactly where problems arise and the best ways to solve them, that’s why we’re dedicated to sharing our expertise through our products.

A truly dedicated supplier...

Oli Vibrators is an established global business with a solutions-based methodology; we offer high-quality, highly versatile vibration and fluidisation products for use in any industry. Our prices are second-to-none, just like our service. As part of our dedication to service, we also offer a two year warranty on all our electric vibrators. You can’t lose with that kind of guarantee! OLI and WAM MHE NZ- a partnership dedicated to bringing you excellence.