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'Optimal positioning' for Queensland solar panel owners

24 July, 2013

A University of Queensland study has identified the ideal tilt and angle for solar panels on Brisbane roof tops.

Professor Tapan Kumar Saha, UQ Global Change Institute researcher said the study would help ensure optimum panel positioning as more Queenslanders opted for solar power.

"We have found Brisbane panels should be angled at 26 degrees, facing true north," he said.

"There has been much effort put into determining optimal solar panel positioning in Asia, Canada and Europe, but until now there has been little done to determine these factors in Australia's sunshine state of Queensland."

Data for the year-long study was collected from solar panels with varying tilts and orientations on three buildings across the UQ campus at St Lucia.

"The panels were set up with different configurations for a comprehensive understanding of energy generation," Professor Saha said.

"This real-world system offers precious information and analysis and will provide invaluable insight into solar panel performance, not just for researchers, but also for the power and energy industry."

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Pat Smith | Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 12:00 PM
I am wondering what is the basis for Prof Saha, UQ optimum alignment for solar panels. I assume "Maximum kWh generated per annum"? I think there may be other optimising considerations: a. Max cost savings for replacing retail utility power, given "time-of-use" tariffs OR b. Optimum seasonal benefit - eg maximise PV generation during summer (offset AC cooling costs) OR winter (offset heating costs)