Overprint Label Case Study: Continental Kosher

Supplier: insignia
27 November, 2017

Read about the flexible labelling solution providing brand consistency, improved efficiency and cost savings for Australia's largest Kosher Butcher.

The Challenge 

Continental Kosher Butchers are Australia’s largest Kosher meat supplier, providing meats, smallgoods, antipasto, specialty delicatessen items, dried spices and pantry staples to larger supermarkets, smaller retailers, the food-service industry and now exporting to customers in Asia-Pacific.

They have a rapidly growing product range, which due to its nature has unique labelling requirements, including ingredients lists, nutritional values, and varying weights.

With traditional labels and packaging, Continental Kosher would be faced with having to hold label stock for each individual product. Finding space to store the all the different label stocks would be difficult, not to mention the risk of getting stuck with expensive, unusable labels if packaging or labelling regulations were to change.

The Solution 

Continental Kosher Butcher use a pre-printed template label and overprint the variable information for each product type, in-house, as each batch is produced. The labelling solution includes:

  • Datamax-O’Neil thermal printers
  • BarTender labelling software
  • Template (overprint) labels with branding and thermal ribbon

The overprint labels are printed for both Continental Kosher Butchers range of meats and smallgoods, as well as their new brand Lewis & Son which produces smallgoods, fermented vegetables, deli lines and dry goods. An industrial thermal printer is then used to overprint the variable information (product name, ingredients, and nutritional panel) into the remaining space provided.

The labelling solution allows for brand consistency, improved efficiency, and cost-savings. Cash is not tied up in holding stock of hundreds of different labels, as Continental Kosher keep only the template labels which are used across their product ranges.

In-house printing of variable information provides flexibility.  Product information can simply be changed as needed and it is easy to delete a product line. This also means there is no label waste; should a product or labelling regulations change, it is just a matter of updating the software label template.

Flexibility and Agility 

Continental Kosher recognise the role this flexibility and agility has had in helping them remain responsive to their customers and the market in general. Being able to quickly make changes and respond to new product requests has helped facilitate their business growth.

When the meat industry felt the impact of the drought and the high dollar, Continental Kosher expanded into new markets with new products, introducing their Lewis and Son range.

Recently Lewis & Son has become the first FODMAP Friendly certified smallgoods crafters and has also obtained endorsement from Coeliac Australia with their Gluten Free products. These lines have seen excellent growth in line with customers’ needs.

With their in-house QA department and the ability to put together new product samples easily with their labelling solution, Continental Kosher have the ability to launch a new product line within days, not weeks or months.

The in-house, overprint label solution allows Continental Kosher Butcher to focus on what they do best – their extensive range of Kosher meats, smallgoods and health foods - rather than wasting time on packaging and labelling inventory management.

About Continental Kosher

Continental Kosher Butchers is a Melbourne-based and family-owned company specialising in quality Kosher meats and smallgoods. They operate a retail outlet in Malvern and a manufacturing plant in Moorabbin, in Melbourne, Victoria. 

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