Parramatta Council installs new self cleaning dust collection system

Supplier: Ezi-Duct
08 July, 2015

Parramatta Council recently installed a new dust extraction system for removal of the wood dust and shavings from their timber joinery in their works depot.

The dust collector and all the equipment supplied was Australian designed and built by Ezi-Duct in their Auburn factory.

Supplied in the Dust Collection System was an eCono 4000 fully automatic self cleaning Dust Collector, the Ezi-Duct Modular Steel Ducting System and Ezi-Flex Flexible ducting.

Fitted with a high efficiency, energy saving 4.0 kW fan the eCono 4000 Dust Collector provides suction of up to 4000 m3/h at 2500 pa and deposits the wood waste dust directly into a 240L "wheelie bin."

This helps with OH&S issues of lifting heavy bags and makes deposing of the waste dust very easy. The dust collector automatically cleans its 15 top quality filter bags every time the unit is shut down via a PLC incorporated into the control panel that is supplied with the unit. This guarantees the dust collector operates at 100 per cent efficiency the next time the dust extraction system is turned on.

The dust collector is constructed from Australian corrosion resistant galvanised steel. The modular steel ducting simply clamps together saving money by cutting down on installation time. It also features smooth bore pressed bends for improved airflow.

The ducting can be pulled apart in cases of a blockage or if the customer changes or relocates their dust collection system. The ducting range comes standard in corrosion resistant galvanised steel and is also available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel material and in heavy wall, fully welded ducting.