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Patrol Cam Testimonial

Supplier: Farm Cam
05 October, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam, Please let me take the time to introduce myself. I have over 10 years experience within the protective services.

I am currently employed as a Police Officer. My previous employment consists of Custodial Corrections Officer and various positions within the private security Industry ranging from Security Manager/Supervisor, Armed Guard, Canine Handler, Mobile Patrol Officer to Static Security and Traffic Control.


I hold diplomas in Community Policing and Security and Risk Management. I hold a certificate II and III in Security Operations and have taken part in many other industry relevant training.


Recently I have had the opportunity to trial the Patrol Cam supplied by Farm Cam Pty Ltd. I found this equipment to be light weight compact and surprisingly durable, taking high quality pictures every few seconds. The pictures are easy to transfer to computer for easy long term record storage. You can use the pictures as single pictures for identifications or a string of multiple pictures to show a sequence of events.


During the trial I used the camera to film an entire eight hour shift as well as the trip to and from work. The Patrol Cam had enough memory and battery power to record over 12 hours continually. This enables good continuity of evidence.


I found the Farm Cam to be a useful piece of equipment as I preformed my duties. From my experience in the private Security Industry I can see many applications and advantages to this piece of kit. It has the potential to reduce assaults on officers and greatly improve the odds of bringing offenders to justice by recording the sequence of events and the descriptions of offenders and any get away vehicles etc. By recording guard/officer movements it would improve productivity and reduce any public liability clams.


Yours Faithfully